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Extensis is a leading developer of font management and digital asset management software. We deliver exceptional value to our customers by offering easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use solutions for protecting and fully leveraging your business’ investment in fonts and digital assets. We have 15+ years in the creative, print and publishing software industry. We use that combined knowledge and experience to develop superior solutions—technology that capitalizes on modern, open source applications that easily fit our customers’ IT requirements, and an end user experience that requires little ramp up time and works the way our users work.

Font Management Solutions

Compliance and consistency are the key font management issues our customers face today. Our professional-level font management solutions address these issues while setting the bar for usability, flexibility and control.

Digital Asset Management Solutions

Digital asset management (DAM) is no longer simply a marketing or creative team concern. Any company that produces, archives, re-uses and distributes their rich media assets, now needs an effective solution for managing this “property.” Our DAM solutions address this issue by centralizing the control and management of these assets. In addition, we offer the easiest corporate-level DAM solution to set up, deploy and use.

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