LizardTech® Announces Spatial Solutions as Authorized Reseller for Geospatial Software

LizardTech®, a provider of software solutions for managing and distributing geospatial content, announced that the company has signed an agreement with Spatial Solutions, an Australian-based information solutions company, to serve as an authorized reseller of LizardTech’s geospatial line of software products, consisting of GeoExpress®, Express Server® and LiDAR Compressor™.

“The demand for storing and serving massive geospatial data continues to grow rapidly in Australia,” said Kelly Downs, director of sales, LizardTech. “We are excited to add Spatial Solutions experience to our growing network of authorized resellers and are confident that they will provide services using LizardTech’s products that will add value to the customer’s imagery assets in that part of the world.”

“The LizardTech spatial data compression technology fits perfectly into the solutions we are providing to the resources industry. As the size of datasets in the industry continues to grow, our ability to efficiently manage this data while reducing cost is of vital importance,” said Tim Teather, managing director at Spatial Solutions.

LizardTech’s line of geospatial tools includes GeoExpress software, which enables geospatial professionals to compress and manipulate satellite and aerial imagery, Express Server software for high-performance delivery and publication of imagery, and LiDAR Compressor software, which turns giant point cloud datasets into efficient MrSID files.

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