Extensis WebINK Helps Enterprises Navigate Web Fonts and Selecting Providers in New Whitepaper

New resource zeros in on key considerations for selecting web font services for high-volume, multinational web sites

Extensis today released a new Web Font Whitepaper geared specifically for enterprise-level entities working with high-volume web traffic. The whitepaper helps enterprises understand the benefits of using web font services and what should be considered when evaluating a provider.

While web font services are commonly used by independent designers and developers, there is a groundswell of interest amongst larger enterprises that require quality, reliable web fonts to fully engage their visitors in a visual brand experience.

    Key Challenges for Enterprises
    It is a complicated matrix.
    • Not all fonts are available for web licensing.
    • Some are, but with stringent licensing requirements.
    • Purchasing web font licenses one by one and self-hosting at the scale most enterprises need often proves to be a resource drain and rather expensive.

The Web Font Whitepaper shows enterprises how they can overcome these challenges by partnering with a web font service that has already handled the licensing issues on their behalf and optimized font files for fastest possible delivery.

Further, the requirements for multinational, multilingual sites dealing with millions of unique visitors demand special considerations. Most notably, ensuring lightning fast page load times regardless of geography, uncompromised uptime, forward compatibility across browsers and a consistent, quality experience across all platforms and devices. The whitepaper outlines what specifically to look for in web font services to optimize for speed, reliability and flexibility.

Enterprises interested in learning more about web fonts and what to look for in a provider can download the Web Font Whitepaper.here.

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