WebINK Debuts Custom Font Subsetting for Blazing Fast Websites

Industry leading web font service offers custom subsetting options for languages and characters; delivers open source language support data

Web fonts got smaller today with the announcement of new custom subsetting options in Extensis’ web font service, WebINK. Developers and designers can now specify the precise languages and characters they need their web fonts to include, which provides particular benefit to multinational corporations working with larger websites and in multiple languages.

With just a few modifications to the CSS, web fonts are reduced to a fraction of their former size. Rather than delivering the entire font, the subsetting options let users zero in on only characters and languages that they need.

Thomas Phinney, global font guru and senior product manager at Extensis, stated: “For multinational corporations with global websites, finding ways to shave off every possible millisecond in load times is key. With WebINK’s new subsetting options, font load times will dramatically decrease so web pages load at lightning speeds. We hope this inspires developers and designers to use web fonts in places they may not have considered before.”

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